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Meet IT Arena 2020 Startup Competition Semi-Finalists

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ILuckily, interest in startups and showing off your idea to the world is growing year by year. In 2020, 100 startups applied for the IT Arena Startup Competition, 40 of which will have a chance to pitch their ideas at the Startup stage on October 8-9. The pre-selection process was fierce, but we can finally share the names of semi-finalists with you. nteger lacinia mattis malesuada. Sed ante neque, faucibus sit amet vehicula vitae, luctus quis magna. Nullam tincidunt odio eget lorem porta, eu porta velit finibus. Nam sagittis sed sapien id luctus. Mauris eget vestibulum turpis. Vivamus ut leo accumsan, accumsan turpis ut, blandit metus.


The pandemic has made online education even more popular, accessible, and needed. This explains the number of e-learning platforms among participating startups this year. Creative Practice is an educational platform created by the joint efforts of the creative community of Ukraine. The goal is to develop a single educational program that will be available online for anyone who really wants to become a specialist in the field of creative industries and is ready to make an effort to do so. Creative Practice offers self-curated educational content and employment support for students. ChoiZY is the first online platform in Ukraine that offers short courses about various careers and professions, and professionals share their tips and experiences with the youth. Another education platform focuses on secondary and junior high school students – GIOS offers online classes, homework, tests, and proven tutors. Though not exactly a platform, EyePass provides insightful e-learning analytics, using a regular webcam to track and analyze a student’s eye-movements during online training and testing.

Healthcare tech

A number of 2020 startup semi-finalists have put efforts into developing health-related products and services. SEMCS is a smart eco-friendly mosquito control system, which aims to reduce the risk of vector-borne diseases like Malaria, Zika virus, Dengue, EEE, and Chikungunya virus, etc. in large and open areas by eliminating mosquitoes. Bicovery offers an ML-powered tool for bipolar people, their families, friends, caregivers, and physicians. It also provides real-time monitoring of patients’ mental and physical state, with ML-powered alerts of upcoming crisis episodes. Nutritionista has developed an AI guide to nutrition and health. It works this way: you download the app and set a nutrition/health goal and get daily recommendations from the AI assistant. RE-move is a comprehensive online system for physiotherapy specialists and clinics that is focused on physiotherapeutic practice. Last but not least, Helsi – is a modern, convenient, and reliable electronic medical system designed for patients, doctors, public and private medical institutions. 

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Digital help

BannerBoo offers an easy-to-use platform that helps create banners for advertising and social media. Abrakadabra helps your business stick out on social media platforms without spending on a social media specialist and copywriter.


Tradomatic offers a simple solution to sell crops with your smartphone, create online auctions, buy fuels and fertilizers cheaper, etc. Another startup – Kolo.Track is developing AI-based software that aims to secure corporations from falsified food and fraud suppliers.

Other industries represented by Startup Competition semi-finalists include legal tech (AGREED), entertainment (FlashBeats), insurance (SPOKK), automotive (AvtoTest), hardware (nect WORLD), cryptocurrency (Trustee Wallet), etc.

See the full list of semi-finalists: EyePassTradomaticCreative PracticeChoiZYSilentboxBannerBoonect WORLDHelsiWatchedGIOSIntelza.aiFlashBeatsPytagAvtoTestIOONEdFlexFOBSORTYSEMCSAGREEDSkillARNutritionistaChargeback OptimizerTrustee WalletSPOKKImpactoriaRE-moveBicoveryVooptyEventatorGeoTalesBazaITSexIDRemotelyBeautytagSupplioAbrakadabraDesnovationKolo.TrackCocoworkThe selected semi-finalists will pitch at the Startup track stage with a live broadcast for IT Arena participants. The total prize fund this year exceeds $70,000 and the announced jury members include Marty Kaszubowski,  Executive Director of the new Center for Enterprise Innovation; Warren Haber, Managing Director, Exoventure; Adrian Slywotzky, Partner at Oliver Wyman; Oleg Malenkov, Partner at TA Ventures, Mentor at Techstars and Michael Puzrakov, Сo-Founder & COO, Intellias. President, Lviv Tech Angels.

Read more about Startup Competition 2020 prizes and partners here.

Link: https://itarena.ua/meet-it-arena-2020-startup-competition-semi-finalists/?fbclid=IwAR3DIv08IWvJjHoMvBKyf_Rd2iSItQ6cP3lVp0DiviCC0e9pJ8zhewrzIto

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