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Introducing 8 Web Summit startups using tech for good

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The world is slowly becoming more aware of the importance of being environmentally friendly. The UN Sustainable Development Goals – designed as a blueprint for building a better future for people globally by 2030 – provide businesses and communities with a clear roadmap to transforming how they interact with the world around them. This is a plan we want to replicate in our own online tech event for a better and more sustainable conference in the future.

We see this power for change in many of the emerging companies in our startup ecosystem using tech for good. We call these greentech and environmental sustainability businesses our ‘tech for good startups’. We’d like you to meet a few of the names attending Web Summit online in December.

Aliquam ultrices sodales feugiat.

Atmotube is a B2C/B2B air quality monitoring solutions provider. The startup integrates its tools within a real-time environment management system used for mapping and assessing public spaces and homes. Atmotube also offers products which measure atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, ensuring users maximise their comfort and safety at home.

Founded in 2014, Atmotube launched its first portable air quality monitor in 2015. Over the past six years, they’ve developed three generations of new products, each one a technical leap on the past iteration for more effective environmental monitoring.

Image: Atmotube


Around the world bee colonies are collapsing under the weight of extensive pesticide use in the agricultural sector, climate change, shrinking biodiversity and an increase in pest populations. With bees such a critical part of the planet’s ecosystem, human intervention is needed.

Israeli startup BeeWise is the first AI-based solution designed to save bee numbers at scale. The BeeHome beekeeping hive system offers real-time monitoring of colony activity, automatic pest control and harvesting, and is energy independent. This ultimately increases bee population numbers, thereby enhancing pollination and securing global crop supplies.

Ekkono Solutions AB

The word ekkono means cognition. That cuts to the very heart of what this Swedish software company offers – the chance for customers to become more aware of how their systems work.

Ekkono is a machine learning developer that connects machines, vehicles and other technologies in an IoT network. This enables businesses and government institutions to detect anomalies and analyse the performance of assets. A system of connected devices means that users can predict changes and test methods for addressing issues that may arise.

Link: https://websummit.com/blog/web-summits-tech-for-good-startups?fbclid=IwAR1z-pGdZAdSGlAoddmLzj_EQomb9NwMx5fERFqXmCQ9QlodUcRFG3yE9kY

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